Coming Soon: Edited Volume “New Silk Road Narratives”

It is not only goods, financial capital or technologies that are being traded, negotiated and circulated along the China-led Belt and Road Initiative but also values, emotions and cultural practices. The latter are often decisive when imagining and establishing a transregional infrastructure of the scale of the BRI. This book explores connections and disconnections along the New Silk Roads through narratives and their cultural configurations. Focusing on China-Africa-relations, the authors of this book investigate the role of narratives and various forms of cultural configurations to understand how processes of transregionalization shape local patterns of thought, perception and practice.

“New Silk Road Narratives. Local Perspectives on Chinese presence along the Belt and Road Initiative” is a volume edited by Jamila Adeli and Linda Ammann. The publication is the product of collective effort and knowledge sharing resulting from the workshop “Translating the “Chinese Dream”: Narratives and Languages in New Silk Road Regions” which took place in October 2022 in Berlin within the framework of our research consortium De:link//Re:link.

The book is published with Heidelberg Asian Studies Publishing (HASP).

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