Reading Group Session 3: Translocality & Language

In order to identify synergies between single projects and thematic lines, we conceptualized and organized reading group sessions open to all De:link // Re:link researchers.

In the third reading group we continued to engage with translocality but looked at it via a case study. We dealt with the notion of translocality as space as a socially and discursive space that emerges through the use of language of international students at an international Chinese university. Looking at intercultural communication as translocal space by focussing on social and linguistic practice broadened our understanding of the concept of translocality as well as of scale as an analytical tool in translocal research. We further identified language as decisive element in producing transcultural and translocal spaces, especially when it comes to people to people encounters which is one of the five pillars of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Reading material:

Ou, W.A. & Gu, M.M. (2020): “Negotiating Language Use and Norms in Intercultural Communication: Multilingual University Students’ Scaling Practices in Translocal Space”, Linguistics and Education, vol. 57, 100818.

Organization and concept: Dr. Linda Ammann Gerlach, Dr. Jamila Adeli