Audio Feature: Mehr als Schienen und Straßen

We are happy to announce the release of our audio feature “Mehr als Schienen und Straßen: Kulturelle Begegnungen entlang Chinas Neuer Seidenstraße.” produced by Berlin based journalist Susanne Balthasar.


In this feature, we introduce our transcultural perspective of people-to people-connectivity (P2P) on China’s Belt and Road Initiative to the broader interested German public. The feature is part of our transfer concept (TV-11) and is therefore produced in German.


Within the framework of the research consortium De:Link // Re:Link, we held an international academic workshop in October 2022 on manifestations of the so-called “Chinese Dream” and its manifestations, as well as local perceptions of the BRI-related Chinese presence in the new silk road regions. We exchanged views and research results on individual and mutual topics trying to answer questions such as: What is the narrative of the “Chinese Dream” and how is it perceived, translated or replicated in the New Silk Road regions? What is the role of people-to-people connectivity in the context of transregional communication? What is narrated and how, what is the role of language and culture in it?


The audio feature is produced by the radio journalist Susanne Balthasar, who accompanied our workshop, interviewed some of the participants and created a general overview of what the researchers are currently working on with regards to a transcultural and linguistic perspective on the BRI and its narratives. Susanne Balthasar impressively tells a story of cultural and linguistic encounters along China’s New Silk Roads. It presents some of the ideas behind China’s BRI, links the Chinese Dream to the BRI and introduces local responses to BRI-related Chinese presence and communications in Africa. Furthermore, it highlights why it is necessary to understand the BRI not only from a financial or political point of view but from a cultural perspective.


We are very grateful for this opportunity to have been able to work with Susanne Balthasar and hope that you enjoy listening to our audio feature!


Jamila Adeli & Linda Ammann Gerlach


Copyright: Susanne Balthasar

Featuring Jamila Adeli, Linda Ammann Gerlach, Sophia Kidd, Aldin Mutembei, and Manja Stephan-Emmrich