De:link // Re:link Podcast: In Between Dreams

For this episode, we invited Ghanaian academic and professor for African Languages and Literatures, Adams Bodomo to talk about language and identity, Africa – China – Europe relations, narratives about the Belt and Road initiative and cultural diplomacy. This episode is hosted by Linda Ammann Gerlach in collaboration with John Njenga Karugia and Daniel Kossmann.

The De:link // Re:link podcast explores local insights and new knowledges. We invite intellectuals from different backgrounds to engage them in conversations about new spatial configurations and local perspectives on transregional infrastructure projects. We value open conversations with our guests and understand our podcast mainly as a plattform to share our guest’s perspective. The Podcast is produced by members of the research consortium “De:link // Re:link – Local perspectives on transregional (dis-)entanglements”, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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